I'm not a newbie, but thanks for addressing me so, Crowdstacker however were newbies to p2p when they were one of the first to be approved for selling ifisas. I jumped in like a fool and invested £10k in each of two of their investments in 2017/18. Burning night was a three year term and Lonpto 2.5 years. To date they have both defaulted and Crowdstacker have been out manouevred by secondary lenders. In essence I keep being promised they have investors interests at heart and they send updates every 4 or so months, but it's always bad news and my investments haven't matured. I would urge anyone looking to invest not to touch these amateurish people, they give favour to borrowers and too much leeway, they don't call in loans but let borrowers go elsewhere to secure further debt which takes precidence over their own agreements and leaves you the investor penniless. Do not touch Crowdstacker unless you have money to burn they are charlatans, or else just inept, I know what I think


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