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A word of praise. Renewal came in, £103 payable at the end of this month. In the past year we’ve joined AA (wouldn’t normally have paid their exorbitant rates but gained a decent cashback which made it worthwhile) and they offered 25% discount against EH subscription. Called EH and told this was only available against new memberships, not renewal. They offered me 20% off. I suggested it would be better for me to cancel our subscription altogether and take it out in my name (presently it’s in Significant Others with me as 2nd name)
EH immediately honoured AA discount of 25% 👍 Happy days


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    good result but it annoys me how companies treat new customers better than their existing customers. You shouldn’t have to threaten to leave to get the 25% discount they would give to a new customer. 
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    I agree; ironically we’d not planned on leaving, we were simply going to have to cancel the existing membership in Significant Others name with me as second name to a new membership in my name with SO as second. 
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    Could be reflective of the fact that EH seem to be a very commercially driven organisation. As a member, you get bombarded with offers from them/partner companies. Although they do some good work with restoration etc. a visit to an EH location is usually not as good as a visit to a NT one, especially the catering facilities.
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