Sainsbury's overcharging Beware check your bills and keep them

Yesterday I purchased 3 Items in Sainsburys Slough and  had already placed a  £5 note from  my wallet on the table  ready to bag them up. When I saw the amount displayed I immediately  challenged one item  and the cashier called for assistance to verify the price. After some delay I asked her to cancel the item due to the lengthy delay for assistance.   The cashier  said she could not and I had to wait for assistance.   Assistance finally arrived who told me to go to Customer Service (CS) with the receipts for a Refund . I told the assistant  from past experience of overcharging their CS simply give you a refund or the price difference but don't take corrective action on the overcharging.

I had to keep asking the assistant to come to the overpriced item which she resisted but we  finally got there and asked her what is your next course of action was. We got interrupted by another customer who overheard  and said he too had been overcharged on several items, had complained  but no corrective action was taken.   The Assistant when to a spare cash till and gave me the overcharging £ difference  where previously she tried to sent me to CS. While the other customer was there at this till another customer came up and complained on a bar of chocolate that was a pound over the displayed price. Running short of time I never photographed the chocolate bar to verify myself as had to  back to my car for my Phone.

Tomorrow i will make a point of going back to Sainsbury's to see what if any action has been taken on this overcharged  item and  if not actioned speak to the main manager and record the interaction.

I am not sure how widespread this overcharging takes place but when you have a trolley full of items its hard to  verify each item from memory of the displayed price..

Coles and Woolworth in NZ and OZ have a policy of giving a full refund and you keep the item which keeps them on their toes and maybe a good idea for Sainsburys;_ylu=Y29sbwMEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Nj/RV=2/RE=1670896537/RO=10/RU=,freebie%20%E2%80%98loophole%E2%80%99%20Woman%E2%80%99s%20%E2%80%98crazy%E2%80%99%20Coles%20mud%20cake%20mission/RK=2/RS=.yje62dn57SydZ5SGHmkXgJD5Y4-


  • Ive shopped in Sainsburys a lot recently and use the smartshop app and check every items price as its scanned. Not had a product come up more expensive as of yet 
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    A common thing at a lot of supermarkets unfortunately.  Tescos was displaying an item at two different prices at different locations in the shop.  One was right, one wrong.  I normally get told in this situation "computer says..." and then often get a blank look when I challenge. 

    I know things don't get updated properly and it's much easier to deal with changes on a central computer rather than run around the shop changing shelf labels.  I know as well that the busy shelf stackers will get given a big trolley of X to put out and the wrong label and so the label says £2 but that's for the small size and it's the large one that's on display.   If any of these things happen and the person on the till says something like "silly us, what are we like?!  Let's see if we can sort this out." I quite understand and am willing to accept that mistakes are made.  But if they take the line of not caring, not acknowledging that they or one of their colleagues made an error and dig in and insist things are sorted.  

    Worst error I saw this time last year was when a chap was buying 2 bags of frozen sprouts in Lidl and the total came out at £42 or similar.  I think the total was supposed to be maybe £1.20 at most.  The staff were falling about laughing about how ridiculous it all was and that helped everyone.  And of course they sorted out what the right price was and only charged for that.

    Tesco did in the past do the "refund and keep the item" but no longer.  Must have been too expensive for them.
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    SaverRate said:
    Ive shopped in Sainsburys a lot recently and use the smartshop app and check every items price as its scanned. Not had a product come up more expensive as of yet 
    I have - SmartShop scanner came up 10p more than shelf edge price.
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    I use Smart Shop every week and every week there is something that is mis-priced... normally in the crisps and snacks aisle!  I take a photo of the shelf edge label and get the staff member who is overseeing the SmartShop checkouts to discount the amount back.  I'm hoping that, eventually, the staff will get so fed up with being asked to do this that it actually spurs someone into action.  Either that, or I'll get banned!
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    went back 2 days later no action taken as the Muesli was still displayed at £1.40 which on checkout is £2.25. Photographed it and called the manager over who took the sign away. Then took a packet of Muesli to Customer Service (CS) to check the action. She  asked for £2.25 , then showed her the photo which she honoured and asked her what was the next course of action. She said inform management  to which  I replied no need already reported and done and was just testing what you would do. Wish they were all like  Raj****  whatever on CS but sadly that is not the case. Went to Staines Sainsburys  where its displayed at £2.25
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