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I own a OnePlus 6T McLaren edition, which is now 4yo.
Although it's still as fast as any new phone out there, it's beginning to show it age in the battery department, and will soon need to consider getting a new one.
These are the options I'm faced with:
OnePlus 10T 5G £729 (16g RAM- 256G)
OnePlus Nord 2T 5G £369 (12g RAM-256G)
OnePlus 10 Pro 5G £799 (12g RAM-256G).
As anyone out there have any experience of these devices, and be able to advise 


  • J_BJ_B Forumite
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    Can't you just replace the battery?
  • GT60GT60 Forumite
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    Che k out the 10pro & T reviews on u tube 
    Showing how the snapping 
    of the phone is still an issue 
    One if the reasons I went back to Samsung.
    Also there is the one plus community forum.

    Spending my time reading how to fix PC's,instead of looking at Facebook.
  • BraddenBradden Forumite
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    I had the one plus 6 edition until it failed recently. I've replaced with a Pixel 6 which I felt was a better replacement than sticking with oneplus who seem to have lost their way nowadays.
  • Bionicman1968Bionicman1968 Forumite
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    Battery can't be replaced, and frankly, there is nothing out there with the RAM OnePlus offers, giving you unbelievable speed
  • BraddenBradden Forumite
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    @Bionicman1968 .. not sure what you mean by RAM? Oneplus 6T has 8gb which is pretty common.
  • 400ixl400ixl Forumite
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    As a former OnePlus 6T owner and suffered the drop in qualify of their android upgrades over the years and the fact that newer handset owners were reporting the same and the prices were increasing I went back to the Google Pixel phones.

    Having since had a play with the newer OnePlus phones it was the right decision, they are not what they once were.
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    TimalayTimalay Forumite
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    I got the OnePlus Nord 2T this week after my over 2 year old Nord had problems charging.  I'm finding it a great phone for the price.  Also worth noting is that the OnePlus 10T doesn't have an alert slider (if that's what you are after from a OnePlus phone).
    Also, the battery can be replaced, but you need the correct tools to do so.  If you don't feel confident in doing this yourself, an independent phone repair company will normally do it for you.
  • Been with OnePlus since the very beginning but my current 8T will be my last.
    The company has lost its way completely.
    It started when they dropped the LED notification light - why on earth make a 'phone less user friendly by making you have to pick it up and turn it on to check if anything has arrived.
    The space bar on the keyboard is too close to the page closing button so anyone with fat fingers is forever having to refresh screen.
    I have a system upgrade that gives daily prompts to download which I won't because my kids, who have the same 'phone, said it wrecked their 'phones.
    The browser is beginning to freeze.
    And I have to re-charge at least twice a day.
    Price now exceeds quality and performance.
    It's the 'phone equivalent of Premier Inns - a once great budget 'phone that upped its price without upping its game.  
  • What's really noticeable is when you go to look online at all the usual tech review sites for an alternative.
    OnePlus were always top 3 with iPhone and Samsung.
    Now they barely make the top 10. 
    Such a shame as they were a fabulous mid-range 'phone in their time.
  • billybikebillybike Forumite
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    I currently have a OnePlus 10T which I am very happy with. I came from the OP 8t. Very happy with battery and charging speed. No complaints. Unless you sit down with your phone in your back pocket you will be fine. I don't miss the alert slider. 
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