Internal wall insulation

My son has a flat in a 1960s block which has a large cupboard which backs onto the stairwell in the block. The stairwell is internal but the windows are louvre so do not stop any airflow. The external walls have cavity wall insulation so the cupboard back is the coldest surface in the flat.

He has noticed some condensation on the back wall so we are looking to insulate it. There is some polystyrene wallpaper in the cupboard so I guess at some stage there might have been an attempt to resolve it previously. He already runs a dehumidifier so I suggested he run that a bit more in the meantime. It has shelves and a hanging space. Roughly measured it is about 2.4 m high and 2.8 m wide so quite big. 

My inclination is to remove the internal shelves etc and glue some 50mm celotex board into the back. It would be good to get some extra insulation to keep them a bit warmer anyway. You don’t see the back so I might then wallpaper the celotex board with some vinyl wallpaper rather than using plaster fronted board. 

What do people think? We will do it ourselves but haven’t done anything similar before. 


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