Dehumidifiers for warmth?

I haven't got one, but was wondering if they could perhaps be useful to warm the air too?

I don't really have a need for a dehumidifier otherwise. I haven't noticed any mould, and my tumble dryer uses less energy than a dehumidifier (between 0.3 and 0.8KwH per drying cycle)

If a dehumidifier could warm up the room AND dry clothes at say 1.2KwH, that's not bad 


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    A similar question was discussed in this thread: Portable air con/heat pumps*

    If you don't need it, there is no point in having it - if your tumble drier is condensing or heat pump.

    * If you dry washing at home and use a dehumidifier for this, you have to ignore "0.7kWh of heat per every litre of collected water" figure - exactly the same amount of heat is taken from the air by the drying washing.

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