UK equivalent of Personal Capital for net worth tracking?

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edited 11 December 2022 at 5:38PM in Budgeting & bank accounts
[Edit. Sadly, realised that nearly all money apps in UK are obsessed with saving a few pennies. In US, many good apps have an emphasis on growing wealth and net worth. I really want the latter emphasis!] 

I've been using Quicken for over 15 years. However, only used a small number of features in it and now came to the point of being unable to continue since their ransom-based subscription model means constant blank screens and being unable to open data files.

Ideally something free or very near-free, or maybe one-time purchase.

Personal Capital is sadly, all about US - but that would be the kind of functionality needed. My requirements are relatively humble:
- Wish: import Quicken QDF file or at least QIF. [Only worth doing if it imports accurately].
- Keep track of account transactions and be able to search for something (go back at least 5 years) . That includes receiving interest 
- Keep track of rental properties (nothing too special)
- Limited company account (soon to be closed, anyway)
- REALLY nice to have an actual feed from the banks.
- Generate reports of net worth, income, spending, capital gains etc.
- Nice to have - cloud-based ie. ability to open from mobile as well as PC.
- To be able to export data in case the app dies, like many of them do, like Accountz did or like Quicken - become unusable.

Absolute MUST:  net worth reports, charts etc! 



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    AceMoney does nearly all of what you want, incl, an option to import Quicken.. It isn't free and it doesn't import from UK accounts

    MS Money is similar but free. Not sure you can import Quicken. Search the Forum for download links.

    If you want something that imports bank transaction, you need to look at the likes of Emma or MoneyDashboard.
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    Considering Money Dashboard, Emma.  Could not find anything about Money Dashboard generating Net Worth reports or charts.
    The best one for the purpose is Kubera Wealth Manager, its well made for UK plus multi-currency international accounts support, but is very expensive.
    Another is  Lumio. Does anyone use Lumio at all? It also is pricey.
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    Microsoft Money does most of what you want, it's discontinued but is still available via various download sites. The UK version used to calculate Net Worth which I think would be what you're after.
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    I use Money 2005 and can generate reports of Net Worth.
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