Christmas 2022

What is everybody doing for Christmas, I am spending it alone, please do not feel sorry for me, but having had 70 Christmas s of family gatherings, the prospect of spending two days alone makes me happy.

Lots of things to do and now with video calls, it is just a phone call away. Phoning the family will be great, technology does really shrink the world. I will post on this site various things that I am doing and memories of Christmas Past, do not see this as melancholy, it is meant to be happy.

The Dinner is planned as is the rest of the weeks meals. Television/Video is of spreadsheet planning, waiting to see the Trotters van rocking outside Southeby's and The Great Escape, yes it is on this year.  

I am looking forward to it, I will try not to think of the problems in the world. I probably better insulated from the world's problems than most people for which I give thanks. 

Anybody any suggestions.


  • Christmas Turkey from Aldi about £13.50 plus £4,99 for click and collect. Frozen had one last year very good, Boxing Day Cold Meats including Turkey, with bubble and squeak plus salad, much prefer Boxing Day meal to Christmas Day meal. Makes economic sense, the Turkey is going to last five days, Christmas Day meal, then Cold Meat and Pickles for the next two days and then Turkey Stew, with Pearl Barley. Reminds me of Christmas's gone bye. 
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    It is at this time of year you take stock of your life, financially sound I hope, well I am, mortgage free, debt free, well nearly so less than a £1000.

    I am reasonably happy, well ecstatic some times, laugh at the most mundane of things, Mrs Brown, Dad's Army, cry at some things The Queens' Funeral, Babe, the ending. Get annoyed at some things Putin's War and Cost of Living. Decent pension, about average national wage. I think it is a matter of being happy with what you have got.

    Now more of Christmas, cheapest Stollen anyone, Aldi's £2 IF I can remember. Morrison's Puff Pastry Minced Pies £1.25 for 4 now that is a bargain. Former already in cupboard, trip to buy minced pies 19th journey by bus by bus pass of 3/4 hour there and 3/4 hour back. also gets me out of the house.
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    Predicted Gas and Electricity Bill based on current one month consumption £640.

    Money kept in the Bank to pay this. do not want to go through Direct Debit Fiasco of four years ago.

    I am in control, I make the decisions, you can take your mis-calculating Smart Meters and bribe someone else, noticeable that the adverts for Smart Meters have been toned down
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    Writing Christmas Cards to post, not that many 12, strikes effect last posting date, only direct family on facebook. Does anybody still post Christmas Cards?
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    Not religious, no family close by, and don't really watch much TV, so it's effectively just like any other day for the two of us - although without  any of our usual social activities that all tend to go on hold over the Christmas period, so quieter than normal.
    Dinner will be whatever we decide on the morning from the freezer, unless we happen on something nice reduced the day before at the local supermarket.
  • There'll be me, hubby and two grown up sons.  One still lives at home and the other in London.

    A large chicken, which I'm collecting on Monday from the farm (it'll go in the freezer), homemade Christmas pud (maturing in the cupboard from three years ago!). Simple stuff.  A bit of food shopping but not much as we don't go a bundle on Christmas food itself.

    Presents are all bought and wrapped.  Tree done.  I'm working 3-9pm on the 23rd so want to be ready before that to chill on Christmas Eve.
  • We don't do Xmas really, we aren't religious - I cant be bothered with the faff for the two of us, these days.

    We have whatever is in, for lunch - I wont be buying additional or fancy foods
    With love, POSR <3
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