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ahfat41ahfat41 Forumite
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Not much luck, bought the phone from eBay, first the battery has swollen now every time I received an outside calls it cuts off. Can receive calls ok. So disappointed does anybody knows why?


  • MurmanskMurmansk Forumite
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    No offence but it's probably a cheap and nasty phone - might be better to get a half decent one from Asda, at least you can take it back if any problems
  • Neil49Neil49 Forumite
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    You have provided zero information with regards to the phone so it's very difficult to provide any useful response aside from sending it back to the seller and getting a refund. 

    It is very unusual to get such problems on even a half decent make of phone so, as mentioned above, it would seem that you have made an unwise purchase. 
  • Le_KirkLe_Kirk Forumite
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    Is this to do with all your other threads about big button phones, it is far better to keep all related posts on one thread and then posters like @Neil49 won't have to ask for more info.
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