Should I get money back from mortgage after I've moved house?

I moved house on 7th November, at the start of November my old mortgage provider (HSBC) took the full monthly payment as normal.
At the start of December my new mortgage provider (Nationwide) took the full monthly amount plus about £400 extra 'to cover the first month's interest'. Does that mean for the 3 weeks remaining in November?

If so have I doubled up on those 3 weeks? My mortgage advisor said he'd expect HSBC to refund me some money but this hasn't happened and my account with them is now closed - is it just too soon?

I'm a bit worried as my house sale/completion was a disaster due an incompetent solicitor, so I can't get any advice from him and I don't trust him to have done things properly! I haven't even had a statement of fees etc yet for the move, how long does it usually take?


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