Items missing from my sealed parcel

Hi so I had a parcel delivered it was sealed but had 2 items missing out of the pack been in touch with company they have said they looked on cctv and it was packed, I’ve seen previous messages from another member on here that had the same thing done. It seems to have a bad reputation any suggestions pls


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    Was this an Ebay purchase?
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    Had the same problem myself, ordered 2 of the same items from eBay, they came in a small envelope but it only contained 1. I got in touch with the seller and he was adamant there were 2. The weight slip from Royal Mail confirmed there were 2 but only 1 arrived, it looks like being stolen en-route 
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    Hi OP

    Sorry to here about that

    Are you able to saw what co it was?  Can they send you the cctv footage?

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    Hi apparently they can’t do that this company is called mainline menswear. You had a member that had the same thing happen in 2019 with the same company there reviews on trust pilot are awful. Although the items where only £29 that were not included in the package. The picking no and the packaging no is blank on the paperwork  so how they can tell who packed what and at what time is a puzzle hey thanks for your reply 
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    Hi no it wasn’t an eBay company it was mainline menswear they are based in Scarborough there website looks very impressive .
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    I had a problem with Amazon where they delivered a watch but there was only the packaging in the sealed box and no watch. They did not want to offer a refund and more or less accused me of theft. I reported the matter to the police, got a crime reference number and went back to Amazon who gave me a refund. More a while all future deliveries had to be handed to me. 

    Bearing in mind that I spend more than £3,000 a year with them and get loads of free stuff to review as part of Amazon Vine it was all a bit stupid. I wouldn't steal a £120 watch. 
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    It’s still ongoing with them going to contact the bank and trading standards thanks
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    It might be too late for OP, but for anyone else this happens to, take pictures of the packaging / check it over for any repairs / evidence of being opened other than by you.
    I had an item delivered where outer packaging was water damaged (contents were fine as in case sealed in plastic) but the delivery person was very open about how that happened.
    May you find your sister soon Helli.
    Sleep well.
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