War time recipes

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    Nuclear waste? How lucky were you - least you were warm! 
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    Aye. When I say waste, it were the ashes from Chernobyl reactor B. We 'ad to eat next to fire extinguisher for fear of spontaneously combusting. But we were' appy!
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    Oh and I meant to ask - what's the matter with snoek?  If it's a type of mackerel, I think that would be nice.  Was it because it was tinned?
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    Yes Rob, I think they should be! Occasionally when I ask for a smaller portion they'll direct me to the "kid's menu". I feel like shouting at them - we haven't come to a nice pub so I can eat fish fingers and beans! I want steak and ale pie and mustardy mash but I don't need a while lot of it cos I'm not a fatty!!

    It's a good way to sort out the actual homemade menus from the pre-portioned ping meals that are just labelled as home made tho. The places with decent staff and true home made meals will often oblige with a smile. 

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    Me too, @YoungBlueEyes.   I have the "DH Plan Diet" since my DH will hoover up anything that I don't eat, even when we're out.  Seriously, he has hollow legs.

    - Pip
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