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War time recipes



  • RobM99
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    Saw a video about the effect the Allies' blockade had on Germany in WW2. Bread made with sawdust for example. Grim.
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  • Nonnadiluca
    @CapricornLass, your post reminded me of my granddaughter, age 6, who said, " I think I'll have the squid tempora I've never had it before". Totally agree about children's menus; when was it decided that children could only eat something processed with chips rather than proper food?
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  • CapricornLass
    Some of the war-time recipes are ok, though.  I have the Marguerite Patten book We'll Eat Again, which was produced in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum, and some of the soup recipes are lovely.  There was also a steamed fish roll, where I substituted smoked fish for fresh-salted cod,  and another which was a pilchard Layer loaf - basically a small loaf cut into four layers, and with a small tin of pilchards mashed up and spread between the layers, with the whole lot covered in a thick white sauce, which was very popular with my children.  There is also a good pasty recipe.

    The only reason I don't do some of them now is because of a gluten intolerance (and said children have left home!)
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  • annieb64
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    I have "We'll Eat Again" DD borrowed it as DGS is studying WW2 at school and had to go into school dressed as a child of that time and take a ration book packed lunch. He took a cheese sandwich, biscuits and a couple of apples. I don't know how much cheese was in the sandwich.  Last time I was over there for dinner he sprinkled about a weeks ration of cheese over his pasta.

    Has anyone read "Nella Last's War" ? I would love to have seen her recipe book. 
  • CapricornLass
    Yes, I have, and the one she wrote after the war - I was able to borrow them from the library.  She's very readable.
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  • annieb64
    They couldn't do it although it would be interesting to see them try.
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