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Had a notification on my phone this morning from PayPal app. It was a request from an unknown person for £899. They sent a message "SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY FOUND IN YOUR ACCOUNT £899. 99 GBP HAS BEEN DEBITED CALL US IMMEDIATELY TO REPORT"@ +44-800-368-9892. I blocked the user and declined the request. Just posting here as I haven't seen this scam before. 

Come on you Irons


  • Yes, I also had this. Stupidly enough I called the number and it was a very convincing call centre and agents. Massive red flag when he started asking how money was in my account.

    I’m now pretty concerned how much that phone call would have costed. 
  • Hopefully it was a very quick phonecall and luckily you realised it was a scam!

    I got this email this morning too. I logged into PayPal separately and clicked the money request transaction then pressed Cancel. Very nervous not to press Pay!

    You've got a money request:

    Brandi Garcia sent you a money request

    NOTE FROM Brandi Garcia:


    Money request details
    Transaction ID

    Transaction date
    5 December 2022

    Amount requested   
    £899.99 GBP
  • TripleH
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    I had 2 of these yesterday in close succession.
    Never click on links in email even though they most likely come from PayPal. As the scam is using a 'loophole' in the PayPal system.
    May you find your sister soon Helli.
    Sleep well.
  • This was reported on This Morning Live yesterday by Matt Allwright. It is very convincing as some people are getting it in the form of an email that appears to come from Paypal and has the correct Paypal domain. As mentioned above they said not to click on any links or call the number in the message/email. Best to contact Paypal on a known number or, as some have done, just cancel the request as that should nip it in the bud.
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  • Just made an account to say I've just had the same thing happen, but with a different comment  - so wanted to share in case anyone else gets the same one.

    Money Request was for £899.99 from Dawn Loukos.

    Note said: You've sent a payment of £899.99 GBP to EST NOD32. If the Transaction is Unauthorized Contact Our Customer Support @ +44-800-058-4270.

    Transaction Date: 16th December 2022.

    Luckily - I got the notification on the app for the money request - so went through the app itself and cancelled the request and blocked the user. Then checked my emails to get the details, because you can't screenshot within the paypal app due to the security features. 
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    How this scam works is the victim receives an official email from PayPal for a money request by the scammer who has likely got the email from a data leak. On the request, the scammer has a box to type a note to the person who he is requesting money from (aka the victim).

    The scammer types in the box something like what was posted above 'You've sent a payment of £899.99 GBP to EST NOD32. If the Transaction is Unauthorized Contact Our Customer Support @ +44-800-058-4270.'

    No payment has been sent yet and that telephone number is to the call centre the scammer is working from. While on the phone to them they do the 'forgot password' on the victim's PayPal account, victim receives a pass code on their mobile and the call centre ask for it, thus gaining access to the account.
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