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As an EX Hermes or EVRI business customer we were suffering parcel losses that could not be justified, one month in the summer Hermes/EVRI lost 9% of our parcels, many others were delivered late, most of our parcels are time sensitive so were sent NEXT DAY delivery, on average only 30% arrived the next day, one delivery in particular stands out, 2 large 13kg  parcels were sent at the same time to the same address on next day delivery, one arrived on day 3 the other never arrived, The EVRI website was checked and both parcels stated " next day delivery " both parcels were fully insured, however, when i went to put a clain in to EVRI for a total loss of the second parcel, the status of it had changed from " next day " to " standard delivery " we tried to contact an actual " REAL PERSON " at EVRI but the task was impossible. To summerize, HERMES or EVRI are totally unaccoutable to anyone, They even ignored the ombudsman,  good luck to anyone who sends a parcel with them,We now use Royal Mail, I'm not saying they are perfect, but the delivery failure rate is substantially less than EVRI, around 3%


  • jon81uk
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    Whats the consumer rights question?
    You state you are a business customer so no consumer rights anyway.

  • TadleyBaggie
    It was just a rant I suspect, we have a forum for that....
  • Aylesbury_Duck
    Why did you choose Hermes?  Anything to do with them being the cheapest provider, by any chance?
  • bap98189
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    Hermes are the cheapest parcel company for a reason. Use a more reputable courier. It will cost more but perhaps they will deliver a greater percentage of your parcels, or at lease try to help out when things go wrong. 
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    No courier is perfect - they all make mistakes - but how they deal with the mistakes, and how easy they are to contact is of importance to me. I did send a few bits at one time with Hermes as it was then, but there were a few issues around lost and damaged items, and it was next to impossible to claim due to all of the exclusions in their small print. In the end I just decided not to use them again. Then later I saw a documentary if I recall that showed how shoddy their distribution network was, and how the parcels were treated. I know the reality is that parcels do get jostled about and dropped - but they seemed to take it to the extreme. It seems general consensus these days among the MSE boards that Hermes/Evri is never the 'go-to' option for those that want a decent service. 
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    I live in a remote and rural area with few courier options. I have a very small sole trader business and started using Hermes for deliveries. They were appalling. Late or early collecting the parcels from me ( like coming a whole day early, without apology) Late delivery - up to 14 days late. Multiple breakages, parcels delivered with some contents missing and ultimately parcels getting lost. 
    I moved to Royal Mail, with the inconvenience (then) of having to drive to the delivery office during the two hours a day they are open. 
    I have never regretted the change. Not one issue. 
    And now they do collection too, which has simplified it further. 
    Yes they cost a little more, but it is worth it for the customer satisfaction. 
  • breaking_free
    Well you're going to love watching this then. Joe Lycett investigates Hermes. Funny stuff and a clear warning to never use this company.
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