Experiences with Tymit card/s?

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Good evening,

Those of you with the Tymit card/s what is your experience with it?
Both those with the standard credit card and the Booster card welcome to share.

If you have the Booster card, how much did you initially put on it and why?


  • I wouldn't pay £9.95 a month for a pre-paid "Booster" card that constantly goes on about the fake credit "score" going up as being a feature of the card. Quite why they are falsely claiming the S75 limit is £15,000 I don't know but it raises red flags too
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    I enjoyed Tymit standard credit card via App. 
    Though found I used other cards for shopping, since closed,
    Nice idea no more than that.
    Replenished CRA Reports.2015 Zoe i nav -90-100 miles top charge. Savings continue.Faster Fibre has arrived albeit 1gb to 500mb.
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