Ccj thats not mine

Hi all, I am speaking on behalf of the mrs. She has got a ccj for a parking offence from 2017 that is not hers. Basically she has the same name of the offender other than middle names are different. Now I can not believe these credit companies don’t use date of birth and other simple facts to prove who it is. We have proof it wasn’t her car ect. 

Now, equifax are telling us/her to get in touch with the person with the same name and ask for her passport details and picture to prove it! For one, I can’t believe I’m hearing this from them and two it’s not for us to investigate. 

How can something so simple be so hard to remove?? 

Struggling to get a mortgage because of it. Absolute disgrace. Don’t know how to get rid of it. 

Any help much appreciated 


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    Escalate a complaint with each of the CRAs where it appears.

    ICO after that.
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    OK, so first off, the CRAs cannot amend data - they simply report on data that's provided to them by lenders, courts, etc.
    You won't have got a CCJ without first having received numerous letters from the creditor.  Did you receive any such letters?
    I think your first step must be to get in contact with the court that issued the CCJ and find out what's happened.  Hopefully they will be able to shed some light on the issue, and advise you of the next steps.  If this yields no positive outcome, then I would think a phone cal to your local CAB may be a good next step.  They will not charge for their services, and are usually very helpful and have people who know what they're talking about who will be able to guide you.
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    Thanks guys but yes we tried the court that dealt with it which was Northampton county court. On hold for hours, nobody answers then it cuts you off and says email or check FAQ on website. Never get a response. 

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    This is a reply we have got. You click the links and it just says sorry working on website. It’s like you can’t speak to anybody. What is going on at all
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    Post this on the parking forum, they will be able to help you.
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    Indeed parking ticket section is the way to go

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