Prosperous soul, mortgage neutrality & creativity Year 2

A year ago I'd just got divorced and was about to take on my biggest mortgage ever at £202K over 22 years. I was terrified I wouldn't make it. I'd had a long history of repeated debt cycles the worst peaking at £70K at the end of 2016 which I'd got down to £1,479 in November 2021 but feared I'd never be free. Thanks to some wider family help I had an EF for £2K. I hoped if I was lucky that I could be CC debt free in a year and OP £20 a month and if I was really lucky add £50 a month to my non-workplace pension and perhaps get to an EF of £3K. I was in debt on my water bill of around £150.

Mortgage neutrality: I am hoping to develop a tax free lump sum that is big enough to pay a lump sum off my mortgage if I choose to. I have a number of pensions - which I plan to use as part of my C0ast FI journey.  I also want to reduce my hours and work more flexibly as I near retirement age.

Financial Progress over the last year:
  • Increased my income 
  • Mortgage down from £201,999 to £194,266 a reduction of £7,733
  • CC was £1479 now debt neutral a reduction of £1,479 - I mostly just use CCs for points and clear in full each month
  • My EF was £2,000 now £4,657 a difference of £2,657
  • Cleared water bill debt - now in credit so difference of £150
  • In credit on energy by at least £450
A difference of £12,469 in net worth change excluding pensions
  • DB1 was £3,850 per year  - no formal update but should have risen by at least 5% due to inflation. If that is the case it should now be worth £4,042+ equivalent to an increase of £192 per year. If that was multiplied by 25 like they do with FI - then that would be the equivalent of a DC pot growing £4,800. 
  • DB2 was £9,551 per year - at 1/4/22 it was worth £10,657. This is my current pension - and this is an increase of £1,106 per year. If that was multiplied by 25 that is equivalent to an increase of £27,650 in a DC pot.
  • DC Pot £3,643 - despite adding £312.50 to this gross - it's now worth £100 less than this time last year at £3,543. So in real terms -£412 in relative value in the last year given I'd topped it up. Hoping it will recover by the time I come to draw it. I need to investigate whether to switch funds and if there is anyway to make my annual charge lower
  • NEW AVCs I have put £750 in gross so far - and this has grown £7 in just over a month. So starting value £757. This sits alongside my main DB2 pension and can't be drawn independently but would be able to be converted to a tax free lump sum in its entirety if it's not valued at more than 25% of my main pension. This is what I hope to use towards the mortgage at a future date.
A difference of £1,955 on actuals in a year. If however FI multiples using 25x are used then this equates to an improvement of £33,107.

This means that providing I live long enough to draw my pensions - then my net worth increased by between £14,442 or if the 25x rate applies then £45,576.

In addition, my SP entitlement will have a grown by a year meaning I am on target to hit full entitlement by around age of 55. I was contracted out at some point so this my not be as clear cut as that.

Non-Financial Progress
  • Prioritised health and wellbeing
  • Undone years of neglect - and invested in help in the home and garden and in new clothes for me
  • Had several UK holidays etc
  • Decluttered
  • Lost some weight
  • Written some more of Young Adult fantasy book 2 
  • Made new friends

Achieve FIRE/Mortgage Neutrality by mid 2030
1) MFW Nov 21 £201,999 with 237 payments to go - now £184,341 Equity 26.26% (lower post move compensated by EF)
2) Mortgage neutral by June 2030 AVC £7,613/£127,466 AVC target 5.97%
3) FI Age 60 annual income target £12,500/30,000 41.66%
Achievements: CC free since April 22. 1 year EF from Jan 24 & dedicated pot for home improvements


  • Happy new diary and just look at how far you've come in a year, so ins[irational! Great goals and I'm sure you'll achieve them, looking forward to continuing to cheer you on x
  • lucielle
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    You’ve come so far. Happy shiny new diary. Please remind me what AVC stands for. 
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  • jwil
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    Happy new diary!  I really love your progress report, look how far you've come in a year!
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    Happy shiny new diary  :)
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  • Great to read your update - i look forward to following your plans
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