Help...item missing

After some advice please....
I ordered a new iPad and a cover for it from John Lewis and paid for next day delivery.
The following day the package arrived, I opened it up to find only the IPad cover and no iPad.
Called them straight away and they weren’t very helpful....
what rights do I have?
I can’t prove anything as the package was intact.
Ive escalated it but no reply.


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    Usual starting questions which I think will help the experts here offer guidance:

    1) How did you pay (Credit card? Debit card? etc). Credit card allows option of section 75 for example.

    2) How was it delivered - was it by a third party eg. royal mail / dpd?  They normally record the package weight.  It would be clear quickly if its half the expected weight (or maybe even more - depends on the cover, those "magic keyboards" weigh as much as the ipads, but other covers are much lighter.

    3) How was the packaging done - If the package only contained the cover, it would be too small for an ipad box to fit?You say it was intact, but an ipad box is bigger than the cover box, so was the package full of packing paper or something else?  Was there an ipad box that was empty?

    Hopefully this is a case of "they only packed one item" which should be more easy to prove than "i bought a laptop and got a bag of cat food" that we often hear about.

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    Does the delivery note say 2 items were in the parcel or there's a parcel to follow?
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    It was delivered by dpd.
    The larger box had packing in it.
    The iPad and its box were completely missing.
    The delivery note said both items were in the box.
    The box weight was recorded as 1.4kg.
    ive just weighed it and it only weighs 600g

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    John Lewis photograph items on the conveyer belt before the box is sealed so it’s pretty easy for them to investigate. 

    If there is no damage/tampering to the outer box (and they’ll look at the couriers photograph if taken) it will depend on the outcome of the investigation as to whether the iPad shows as being there when packed and sealed. 
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    John Lewis are responsible for the items purchased until they're in your possession, so as far as your rights are concerned, you're entitled to the iPad you paid for.  John Lewis's right is to check to see if it was one of their staff or their delivery agents that removed it from the parcel.  

    What was the condition of the outer box?  Intact?  Sealed?  How was the parcel delivered?  Handed to you, or left on your doorstep?
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    DPD will have taken a photo at the doorstep so will be easy to see if the packaging was tampered with or not. 

    Apple items from John Lewis are almost always sent in rip tape boxes. These are boxes that are sealed by machines with a photograph taken prior to sealing. It would be almost impossible to open this box without their being obvious signs of tampering. 
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