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Several months back I purchased a chair from razors European online store. The chair was sent by FedEx and delivered very quickly. However a couple of days after receiving the chair I received a letter from FedEx saying that I owe them £50 for import taxes and other miscellaneous fees. This was not shown on razers website and there was no indication that any fees would need to be paid. I assumed the price that was on the final basket and the price I paid was it. I contacted razer and attaced the scan of the FedEx letter, their advice was to ignore it as there are no fees to be paid on my order. Since then I have received a second letter from FedEx and once again gone back to Razer to receive the same response, there are no fees to be paid and to ignore any letters from FedEx, asking for money.

A couple of days ago however, I received a letter from a debt collections agency on behalf of FedEx asking for the same £50 amount and claiming that they are now in charge of the debt and will proceed to take further measures if necessary.

I would just like some advice on how to proceed I have once again emailed razor support with a copy of the new letter I’ve received but I’m worried about what will happen with the debt collection letter. I’m not willing to go to court over £50, even though I believe it’s something that razor should be paying.

Any advice on how to proceed would be great, thank you.


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