Lasting Power of attorney document lost, I don’t know what to do

My Mum took out a lasting power of attorney wealth and finance for me in 2013 and it breaks my heart to know that I need it now to sort out financial affairs. She has lost capacity and cannot remember where she has put the documents. I have the notification advising I am registered with the office of the public guardian but on speaking to the bank they need the document itself. I cannot get through to the OPG I was 27th in a queue after 20 minutes and the same after 30 minutes. Would they have a copy of it even if I could get through and would that be sufficient? I just can’t think straight and I am having to deal with selling everything she has including her home to cover the care costs, the missing LPA has turned things into a nightmare. Any help and guidance is gratefully received


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    I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with all this stress. 

    I would have a search as much as possible through all her paperwork. It's likely you will need to deal with other things so it can't hurt to know what's where, even if you don't turn up any LPA paperwork.

    Secondly, what time of the day did you try to call the OPG? Try again first thing in the morning maybe? Or try again at different times of the day, or simply put the phone on speaker or whatever and just wait. 
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    If it has been registered with the OPG they will be able to provide you with copies and they will be fine for the bank.

    Try calling when the OPG first opens and stay in the queue or look on their website to see how to obtain a copy.
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    I have tipped the house upside down, she is in hospital pending a care package meeting on Friday with social workers and nurses, she just cannot remember where she kept it and how sad she thought it was with her wedding photographs, I couldn’t look at those photographs and think of how she is now. I did try the OPG at about half past two, so I will try again earlier I hope they keep a copy. I could scream at what they want in fees she worked all her life, saved and was careful and the care companies want most of it. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just sort out the finances but none will deal with me at the moment. LPA is a great idea but if it is old, you really best know where the main document has been kept and tell people. I know no one said life was fair but she really did try and plan not to cause this kind of mess it seems so cruel now she cannot remember it.
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    If you cant get through on the phone email them. They will definitely be able to get you copies of both so don’t fret too much over this. It is the lack of the finance one that is critical. There is a £35 fee to pay for each copy so apply for that and keep looking for the welfare one.

    If you have made your own LPA ( it is never to early to do so) or are planning to do so once you have received the registered forms from the OPG make certified copies and give one to your attorneys or make sure they know where to find them in advance.

    From personal experience I now how difficult it is when a parent is hit with dementia and you have to take charge of everything so good luck and take care.
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    Try the OPG again and just keep them on hold in the background till they answer. It was about 40 minutes last time I tried, but they did answer in the end.
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    Thanks for the advice,I sat and waited until 930 when they open and dialled in immediately (thanks for the tip about the time to call anniecave) the chap I spoke to was really good and explained what I needed to do and yes, £35 for a copy of each LPA Keep_peddling - Thanks for the kind words too, watching someone you love lose who they are bit by bit is something you would not wish on your worst enemy.
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