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Hi everyone,
I had a loan with TSB which went into default in May 2016. I entered into a DPP as part of the Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) in September 2016, this loan was included.
In May 2022 the account disappeared from all CRA, as it should have done.
I was left a sum of money which meant I paid the DPP off early on 18/10/22 happy days..or so I thought!
I checked my credit club/experian file yesterday to find this loan has resurrected with a new default date of 27/10/22. The account was fully paid off by this time.
I've contacted experian who say they will contact TSB. I'm in the process of completing their online complaints form. I have the default notice from March 2016 and a screenshot of my experian file from the beginning of May (before this account 'fell off') showing the original default date of 09/05/2016.
I'm just wondering if they can actually do this 🤔  and if there's anything else I should do?


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    You don't need to do anything else unless it isn't removed, in which case you would raise a formal complaint.
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    Obviously, an error has been made, it`s good you have kept evidence of the original default date.

    It may take some time, but it should easily be sorted.
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    Hi @L0ll5, I realise it's probably too soon but would you mind updating us when you hear back? I've had a similar-ish situation although I'm not sure when/if an original default date was registered so it would be good to hear how you proceed with the complaint/getting it sorted. Thanks! 
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    I completed the TSB's online complaints form and attached my original default letter from 2016 and a screenshot of my experian credit report from earlier this year which showed the loan with the original default date. A few days later TSB phoned me apologising for the error and stating it would be corrected with all agencies although this may take 3 months. I asked for a transcript/summary of the phonecall and although it's taken a few weeks I've now received that (just incase this doesn't disappear).  I'm lucky I'm a financial hoarder and I was able to access copies of my old credit report with experian.. 😊
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