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we have contacted the Tui legal team as we were asked to after complaining to our local store, and they will not get back to us, they have stated it can take 12 months to come back with a response, a response, we have called the emergency number several times and they all say the same thing, they cannot give us a number to call for the legal team it is only through emails. the trouble is this complaint is not just for some compensation but about the fact they have been sending 1,000s of holiday makers to a hotel that they know have a serious outbreak of norovirus and has done for some time. They sent us out tell us it was all fine even though we went to them 6 weeks before our departure date with worries, i have 100s of messages from facebok and trip advisor of UK families loosing days of there holidays just like we did, its unacceptable but TUI just dont seem to care, 

I just need a bit of advice now on how to proceed, do i go find my own legal team to push this forward or is there somehting i can do to make TUI repsond



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