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Hi, I am currently going through an MIB claim and I’m not to sure what to expect. 

I have not instructed a solicitor as of yet due to debating a couple of choices on what to do.

i was involved in a hit and run accident where I was crossing a large road and was a step or two from stepping onto the pavement checked my phone and was hit from my left and thrown into the air and did a rotation then landed with my head in the crevice of my right arm, followed by being admitted to hospital for 8 days and having surgery on my wrist. I had a few injuries including a dislocated wrist, spiral fracture and a break in the same wrist then a fracture in my kneecap and loads of tissue damage to my legs and a heavily swollen and tender ankle for weeks. 

I had a metal plate and ten screws put into my wrist and was discharged soon after. 

Discharged with multiple medications such as morphine liquid 10mg-5ml and slow release morphine tablets, I’m in consistent pain with my a wrist and leg to the point I can’t do anything as I can’t use my leg and walk properly due to the pain and stiffness and I’m no longer on pain medications. 

Has anyone gone through the mib process without representation and if so how hard is it or is there any advice that can be given if going it alone. 

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