mobile locked please help Samsung S21 Ultra password locked

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Hi I did one of the usual updates this afternoon and ever since my phone wont accept the password to get into my phone.

I'm totally sure it is correct as it is the same password I use on certain things on the PC and as its causing a problem I have got very careful to insure I'm typing it correctly.

Ive tried some bits on the recovery screen with no luck. Now the time is getting longer and longer before it will let me try again. I'm up to a 30 minute wait.

Please help I have loads on there. Any ideas?


  • RumRatRumRat Forumite
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    Have you tried unlocking via 'Find my Mobile'? If you didn't set it up or can't get into your Samsung account, or it won't work, then you'll have to hard reset the phone. Downside to this is the phone will be as brand new and all info will be wiped from it, so you will have to start again.
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    Sorry to jump on this post but I have a very similar problem but on a Hauwei, wot accept password so wont switch on I  was wondering if I could somehow save my photos as they are very sentimental 
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