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redundancy payment timing

Made redundant in mid september.-to take effect on 10th november
provided two months notice in addition but asked to leave immediately.

paydate is 1st of month.
correctly received my usual salary on 1 october and i november .

now 'all ties'cut .

my understanding is that redundancy payments need to be made on last day of employment _i.e 10 november -am i correct 

however company intends to pay it on 'normal 'paydate run of 1 december .

I believe that is wrong and i should have be 'paid up' on 10 november .

(i did not agree to contrary when made redundant .

am i correct-or can company pay me 'as usual incl redundancy -on 1 december

I believe i am correct-but even so-is that convention or actually law 


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