Halifax Fixed Saver

I currently have around 40k sitting in a few accounts. 10k in a savings account and 30k in an ISA. Both have rubbish interest rates.

I was looking at https://www.halifax.co.uk/savings/fixed-term/fixed-saver.html account and fixing say 30k of my savings for a year, as would generate just over 1k interest. Couple of questions

1) Rather than opening a new account and have 2 savings, would the branch/phone support be able to transfer my current savings account over to the fixed saver?

2)Once opened was thinking of immediately transferring 30k into it to earn the interest straight away. Is that a good idea?

3)I understand you get 1k interest allowance. I will be over this slightly so do i have to tell HMRC or will this be done automatically?


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