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Tesco's selling food that is about to run out



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    I used to work in a supermarket and sometimes did the overnight filling shifts as overtime. It was hard work! 

    In terms of short dated products, this seems to have got worse since the pandemic. I guess it's supply chain related. I used to be able to shop about every 10 days but now it seems that most of the stuff I want to buy is going to expire in the next couple of days. I am not bothered about the dates on veg but I do pay attention to the dates on meat and fish products!
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    Agree about farmers should be properly paid for their produce. 

    There was a thing on the news here the other night about eggs. Farmers aren't going to sell eggs for less than it costs them, and if the supermarkets run dry, then so be it. Good on em!

    My cousin works the family farm (in Ireland). He'll be negotiating his contracts soon and they've all cut the amount they're offering "due to the cost of living crisis". He's only getting 34p now (can't remember if he said that's per pint or per litre) and if it doesn't go up markedly he'll just kill the beasts and rely on his crops. If that doesn't come good he'll sell the land to developers and swan off into the sun. 

    That'd be 4 generations of farming, gone.  

    What we pay for stuff and what the producers get paid for stuff is too far apart now. A reality check is long overdue in my opinion. We'll all be sorry when the land is covered in ticky-tacky houses.

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    millie said:
    Totally agree, unless someone has done the job they do not know how you are rushed from one aisle to another one. People see staff in the day chatting and think its like that all the time. The day staff do not have pallets to empty they are just topping up with no deadline to meet
    Don't think you can dis the day staff too much.  Our local Tesco often has long queues for the tills (with the self service having up to 40 people waiting).  It was like that one day and the lady servicing me was doing a bit of a wiggle and confessed she needed to shut her till and go to the loo.  Management hadn't been able to let her close for the previous hour as there wasn't enough staff in.  Really felt badly that it gets to that level.  I told her to go run for it and I would happily wait and explain to those behind me.  Given that most waiting were women of a certain age no one got upset. 
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