Password on credit file

Read tons of stuff on this website and it seems everyone has an opinion, right or wrong. I know I had my identity cloned back in 2005 and as a result I was recommended to protect my credit file by putting a password on it (I think through ProtectMyId which Experian were touting around then)
Thing is, I know this is right and I know why I did it and it makes perfect sense but the trouble is I have problems remembering my name from day to day so I have NO CHANCE of digging up a 17year old password now that I am applying for a credit card.
My question is two fold - 1) how do I remove or reset the password and 2)how do I call anyone at Experian to discuss it as their telephone number system is designed to keep people out and I cannot find a number that gets me to one of those rarities in life, a human voice in customer service. 8 billion people on the planet and not one is accessible at Experian..........


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