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Hi all. Please excuse my ignorance on this.  We currently have a non-smart TV and a YouView digibox.  The digibox doesn't have Wi-Fi so we have to use an ethernet cable but as it's a long way from the router, we use Powerline adapters.  However, there's clearly a fault somewhere as the box keeps losing the connection and we have to reset the connection.  Anyway, we think we might actually just get a Smart TV and use the Wi-Fi but I'm aware that you can't record on a TV - well not the ones in our budget anyway.  We could maybe use our digibox as a recorder but (and this is where the real ignorance kicks in) is there any way we can do that without it being connected to the router through the Powerline adapter or would that side of things still need to work?  I'm just wondering if there's any way of connecting the box to the TV in such a way that it uses the TV's Wi-Fi or something like that?  Thanks for reading and any thoughts would be very welcome. 


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    Your digibox would still need to be connected to the network as the TV will not be a hub.

    If your powerline adaptors are not working then maybe an ethernet to wifi adapter may work better.
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    Most recent smart TVs will record to a usb stick - some are more 'clunky' than others but might be worth checking out
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    I've got two Youview boxes - the early square one, and the next one that's a bit smaller, neither are the later 4k one. They both record Freeview channels quite happily without being connected to the internet, as long as they've got a decent aerial connection. I've never had a BT subscription of any sort, I don't know how much of that you'll be missing. I bought both of them as cheap Freeview recorders, they've never been connected to the internet, and the only annoying bit is that there doesn't seem to be a way to stop them complaining about that, though it's not too intrusive.

    And as noted above, many TVs will record to a stick - I have a Toshiba and a Sharp TV, and they both do it.
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