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Hi - new to MSE but have a question as I am going out of my mind with worry.

As part of my job I now need an SC clearance and i have completed the forms, been totally honest about my financials etc - 4 defaults on credit file, in an IVA too, but no ccj's or bankruptcy., not good reading at all I have even phoned them to express my worry and was told it's not about your credit report but more that you are honest so don't worry - kind of felt reassured but it's eating away at me and I am constantly googling to see if anyone else in my boat ! I will be severely embarrassed having to explain my failed to check to my employer. 

Please can anyone put my mind at rest - the wait is agonising



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    Security Clearance is quite different to the standard Credit Checking that anyone working in a financial institution would be subject to.  Whilst Credit Checking does form part of the Security Clearance, it's less of an issue in its own right - SC is more about whether you have associations with suspected terrorists, foreign agencies, criminal convictions, that sort of thing.
    As long as you've been honest, then you should have nothing to worry about.  If you'd lied on the application and said you had a clean credit history, and they found this to be untrue when they checked, then that would be a much bigger issue.  Since you've declared the "issues" from the outset, I strongly suspect they would have highlighted it there and then before proceeding with the application.
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    SC clearance does the credit check in part to see if you would be susceptible to bribes e.g. if you were in financial difficulty and might take money to clear them in return for information. It's not the be all and end all of course to have debts and IVA and if there is nothing else that is untoward, it should be fine but no-one but the clearance team will be able to make that decision. We had it at work for an MOJ contract and had no issues except for having to get all the information about parent's birth places etc however I didn't have any debt problems so it's a moot anecdote
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    Each case is considered individually, but I have known colleagues with past debt issues still get their DV clearance, which is a much bigger deal than SC. i think the fact you are in an IVA shows you are dealing with your debt so I would not worry unduly
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    You have spoken to them and they say don't worry so don't worry, little more you can do about it other than drive yourself nuts

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