Corel Paint Shop Pro "Black Friday" upgrades for existing users not always consistent!

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edited 11 November 2022 at 4:42PM in Techie Stuff
If you use Corel's Paint Shop Pro, which is a cheaper and pretty good alternative to Adobe's Photoshop, you may find you get a pop-up asking you if you would like to upgrade to PSP 2023 Ultimate Edition.

HOWEVER, all is not as it seems, as there are different prices offered, depending on which version you currently own.

I have 3 different versions on 3 computers (don't ask!). You would expect that the cheapest upgrade would be given to the owner of the most recent version... NOT SO.

If you see the attached pictures their upgrade pricing makes little sense.

If you have the 2022 version, you are offered an upgrade for £49.99 - a discount of 40%
If you have the older 2021 version the upgrade price is £29.99 - a discount of 65% it claims.
If you have the 2019 (X9) version the upgrade shown is £30.99 which it also claims is a discount of 65%


On their web site ( the upgrade version price is shown on offer for £36.99.

So, they penalise the people who own the most recent version by charging a £20 premium for the same product!
If I'd bought the £49.99 upgrade, I'd be furious to find I could've got it for £20 less!

If you have upgraded in the past, then if you install the older version, you should be offered the cheaper online price.

The upgrade pop up does link to a web page, but it's a very long URL, so may be linked to a particular product. Happy to pass it on if anyone wants to try it?
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