Best Hatchbacks / Small SUVs for 6ft4 male (under £8,000)

My first car was a 3-door 2007 Vauxhall Corsa which was ok-ish I guess for headroom/legroom, then I had a 3-door 2011 Peugeot 207 for 5 years which I liked and found quite good for headroom/legroom funnily enough for smallish hatchback car really, not to mention the seats were bulky, wide and comfy unlike a lot of newer cars. Unfortunately I had to scrap the car in the summer due to the cambelt snapping, however I have since got desperate and quickly jumped in and bought a 5-door 2018 Suzuki Belano which I bought in a hurry as I wanted a car and it was a good deal (£7,900) for under 20k miles and 4 years old with full service history.

However, Several weeks down the line I am massively regretting buying the car and buyers remorse began within hours of having the car after even a few hour driving I noticed it made my neck and back much worse, not to mention worsening my already bad sciatica which has flared up with a vengeance aswell as new pain in the tailbone (coccyx) area :-( . It's simply not the car for me at all and I wish I'd noticed this when I looked at it and test drove it but I didn't. I do also find the roof quite low down like most modern cars unfortunately and If I sit up straight my head is virtually touching the roof and I struggle badly to see out the windscreen (especially with traffic lights and road signs).

I could do with some help and guidance as I'm really quite anxious and scared of getting another car and wasting even more money just to have similar issues down the line.

I’m 6ft4 with around 32/33 inch inside leg, so I’d say my height is in my torso, therefore making headroom the biggest importance. I also don’t have kids or anything so therefore don’t need to take into account accommodating for others whilst I’m driving. I really ideally want to be sticking with Hatchback type cars that are cheap to purchase and run rather than bigger cars like SUVs that tend to be more expensive and in some cases can end up not actually being that good for headroom/legroom, however I keep getting told to check out smaller compact SUVs as they apparently have similarities to hatchbacks so can sometimes not be that bad price wise and cost to run etc... apparently they are higher-up than a hatchback which might be good for me, especially due to my fibromyalgia, back and sciatica pain issues.

Please help


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    There are a couple of "Maxi" hatchbacks that tend to have more room in them than the standard hatchbacks they are based on.
    Cars like the Hyundai ix20, Kia Venga, Golf Plus and Renault Scenic.

    We had an old Scenic a few years ago and it was really well laid out, very ergonomic and I think it was perhaps the second most comfortable car we've had (second to a XJ Jag).

    My sister who isn't too far off your size drives a Nissan Note and has no trouble in it, it's basically a stretched out Micra so the running costs are really low.

    Hatchbacks and saloons tend to have lowish seat bases and legs fairly straight out forward "L" type driving positions, though the designers tend to corrupt this a little bit to increase space elsewhere so you end up in a "L^" postion with you knees bent up.

    Most SUV's tend to have a slightly different driving postion, they tend to be more sit up in an armchair type postions as the seat bases are higher, a sort of "L" with you lower legs hanging down.
    Some people find that more comfortable. I tend to but only if the seat base is long enough to support my thighs. Some have quite short bases to save some room in the back and tends to feel like sitting on a dining chair.

    My other half drives a '17 plate Suzuki Vitara and that has that sit up position that's very comfortable.
    It's nothing fancy, just a 1.6 non turbo petrol with no 4x4, it has been totally reliable.
    I've driven it down Italy and back a couple of times and it's a great drive, very comfortable, great driving position and pretty economical.

    Sunroofs do cut into head room on any car, so I would imagine you might want to steer clear of those.

    Another left field choice is something like a Berlingo, done the same trip to Italy in one I inherited from my Dad.
    They have high roof lines and masses of space inside, the seating postion is designed to cope with long spells behind the wheel, very similar to most SUVs and they are actually very comfortable.
    Due to the high roof line, they do tend to have large windscreens as well, so you aren't peering down under the roof line to see out if you are very tall.
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    Skoda Octavia?? will probably have to pay a bit of a premium if you go for an SUV, so a "normal" hatchback will probably give you better value for money?
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    I think you bought the wrong Suzuki and an Ignis would be a decent possibility. A former manager of mine was about 6'4" and drove an ancient Suzuki Alto with a 2 speed automatic!
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    Time for a visit to a car supermarket and get in lots of cars.

    The most roomy car we ever had for leg and headroom was the original smart car.  As it had no rear seats the designers could spend time on getting it right for front seat passengers.
  • Nissan Note or Honda Jazz.
    Loads of space in a very compact package.
    My 2017 Note was only £6,495. 1.5dci, Euro 6 and no Ad Blue to worry about. Averages around 55mpg. Very relaxing drive...
  • I am 6' but drive a Mazda 3, there is plenty of space (my inside leg is maybe a bit less than yours) and I could easily move the seat back / angle it differently and gain even more space
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    Might be worth looking at Ford B-Max or C-Max? I'm about 6ft and have plenty of headroom in a C-Max, but I can't say how it would feel for 6 foot 4.
  • Gsaver1
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    I'm 6ft3 and I've had slipped discs over the years. Octavia for me has ample space and I haven't had any problems with my back since owning it. Had the car for over three years to date.
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