Atom Bank Fixed Saver Setup

Just wondering if anyone had experience setting up Atom bank Fixed Saver (6mnth, 9mth, etc)
The description says you have 7 days to make deposit (min £50) after opening an account, then it locks for a set period until it matures

My question is: during those 7 days, can one make multiple transactions into this account? possibly from different UK accounts (all in the same name)

or does it have to be one shot big bang transaction? second option makes me nervous, as I normally send a small amount, to make sure i got the details correct, then make follow up bigger transaction

Thank you


  • SMcGillSMcGill Forumite
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    Deposits in several chunks is fine, I’ve done that with them a few times.
  • SensorySensory Forumite
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    As many transactions as you want.
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    refluxerrefluxer Forumite
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    I've made multiple payments into Atom Fixed Savers in the past. I can't remember if they require a single nominated amount though - if they do then you will only be able to pay in from that account 
  • SallyforthSallyforth Forumite
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    I’ve had two fixed rate accounts with Atom and had no issues at all. You can make multiple deposits but seem to recall they need to come from one nominated bank account. 

    Just to add I have found Atom to be very efficient and the app is easy to use. They automatically increase rates on their easy access savings accounts too.

    Just waiting to see if they offer a slightly higher fix and I’ll jump.

    Saving for Christmas 2023 #49 🎄 £2ish a day £330/£720
    PADing in 2023

    RIP Mum & Dad - thanks for helping me on my journey to be
    Debt and Mortgage free from 2018

  • isasmurfisasmurf Forumite
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    Only deposits to the instant saver need to come from the nominated account. Deposits to their fixed savers can come from any UK account. 
  • garyeldergaryelder Forumite
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    I have now fixed majority of my savings probably 75% of them 
    all above 4% highest is 4.85 
    really not expecting rates to go much higher 
  • DjangoUnchainedDjangoUnchained Forumite
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    you can transfer any amount from the minimum to the maximum. even though it asks you when you set it up how much you want to save, you dont have to keep to that.
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