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Curry’s click and collect

in Consumer rights
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  • born_againborn_again Forumite
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    Smith428 said:
    Just an update- following several chats with curry’s online, I was eventually told to go into the store for the store to resolve. Once again the store didn’t want to know, told me nothing they can do until the police have completed an investigation, however, I did file a claim with the bank and the bank have ‘temporarily’ refunded me whilst they complete an investigation. Curry’s have given me the crime reference number so I’ll be contacting them for an update, will be interesting to see what comes back
    This investigation. Is just sending a claim to currys merchant bank, who will forward to currys. 
    I guess this will be chargeback will be for non receipt.

    So given currys have proof of delivery, expect it to be rejected. As far as card regulations go, that is all they need. It does not have to be to you. 
    Life in the slow lane
  • WhiskersTheWonderCatWhiskersTheWonderCat Forumite
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    The last time I picked up an item from Currys (a few months back), they didn't ask me for anything other than my name. I had my phone ready with all my order details and what not, but they didn't care to see them. 

    The more I use this forum, the more I think I shouldn't be buying from Currys. 
  • cymruchriscymruchris Forumite
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    The more I use this forum, the more I think I shouldn't be buying from Currys. 
    The more I use this forum, the more I wonder why people still buy anything at Currys.
    An ex-bankrupt on a journey of recovery. Feel free to send me a DM reference credit building credit cards from the usual suspects :) Happy to help others going through what I've been through!
  • TheGardenerTheGardener Forumite
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    Perhaps it is down to local store management - I've collected several things over the past year from Currys and on every occasion, I have had to show my email with the order number and provided proof of the payment card used.

    It sounds as if Currys either have some idea that the OP is in some way party to this 'fraud' or that staff are trying to cover their own backs (and avoid disciplinary action) with their regional management because they didn't follow company rules (especially if this has happened before at that store)  

    I have a 'cascade' approach to purchasing things: 1st option is a local independent store - if they can't supply what I need then 2nd: I go to a local branch of a national chain (that employs local people) and failing that my last resort is to go to Amazon or another online retailer (ironically, Amazon is a massive employer in my area but I have some concerns about the way Amazon operates). I've always found my local Currys to be ok. They have a wide selection and the staff are generally helpful if I have a problem with an item there is at least a real person/place I can go and talk to about it.  

  • prowlaprowla Forumite
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    I had an issue a while back where I ordered something from Currys and when I collected it they'd given me an inferior/older model; they tried to fob me off, said they'd have to do an investigation before authorising a refund, re-sent me the item (which was again the older model), dragged their feet, and it took a couple of months to get my money back.
    Currys is now on my "Avoid" list.
  • usernameusername Forumite
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    I remember ordering a hard drive caddy from Currys years ago using the click and collect, it was an emergency purchase and I needed it quickly and Currys was the nearest drive away.

    There were two variations (sata and ide) and I picked the relevant one online, only to be given the opposite type when I collected the item. I was not particularly impressed, since I had ordered the correct item, and therefore it is what I should get, not a 15 minuite wait whilst they scrabbled around the find the correct one and also tried to vainly flog an extended warranty at me too.

    Plus, it also showed the lack of attention to detail of the staff, the ide and sata variants are no doubt different SKUs.

    The order would have come in with a specific item code and therefore they should have taken extra care to match the item being picked was indeed the one on the order sheet.

    The whole point I knew how bad Currys was and click and collected with the expectation I could be in and out quickly.

    The other thing I can't stand about Currys is that they won't leave you alone if you're casually browsing, no doubt they still have the fives training. If I would like help I will ask for it.

  • Abbafan1972Abbafan1972 Forumite
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    @Smith428 has this been sorted yet? 
    We have no debt! Now to clear the Mortgage - £53,121.38 (due to end Dec 2028)This is the way.
  • TELLIT01TELLIT01 Forumite
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    Alderbank said:
    I am familiar with the process as I have collected a few separate items recently.

    Each time while I was waiting in the collections queue a helpful assistant approached me and just asked me for my name, nothing more. A few minutes later they came back with a sealed box which they just handed me, no phone screens, no codes, nothing to sign, etc.
    Very convenient for the customer but clear risk for Currys. I presume that 'mysterious woman' simply said 'Smith' and was handed your parcel!

    I've had exactly the same experience more than once in Currys.  The staff in there really don't seem to have any interest.
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