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Who will know

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    elsien said:
    JES_F1 said:
    MJ7775 said:

    I have just started work, temping and working part time but have a few days away with work and a credit card would really be useful especially when having to hire a car.
    Can the employer hire the car rather than you having to be out of pocket?  For example, my employer provides a company credit card and we also have an online system for booking train tickets, hotels, etc.
    If they are a temp and hiring a car to commute to the workplace then that’s not the employers issue. 
    Maybe I misunderstood the OP - I'd interpreted the need to hire a car for the "few days away with work", which could be training or something similar.
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    I did the check Eskbanker linked to and I am pre approved for seven cards.

    Again, I am not currently working for the company but through an agency, although that might change soon and then I will be provided with a company card.
  • Away days with work - you may be able to claim expenses but still may need the car to get there.

    Could OP maybe ride share or are they allowed to claim train or taxi fares? Not impossible these days for people to either not drive or at least not have a car
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