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Ford Service Plan - How do I know if it is worth it?

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Jackson1987Jackson1987 Forumite
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Hi all 

I've had the same car, Ford Fiesta for 10 years and always on a service plan costing around £18 a month. It covered service, MOT and I got a discount on what ever needed repairing. 

New quote has come in for 2024, 2025 and 2026 at £838; around £25 per month. I didn't question the price before because it was convenient them calling me when it was due and it was my first car so didn't know any better at the time.

Does that sound like a reasonable cost for service and MOT? Any tips would be much appreciated. 


  • MX5huggyMX5huggy Forumite
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    An MOT is £55 maximum (you can get them cheaper, max price set by government £54.85). So are you going to get £245 of servicing per year. It’s not a total ripoff for main dealer servicing does it include any big service items such as timing belt when it is due? but I wouldn’t be taking a 10 year old Fiesta to a main dealer. 
  • knightstyleknightstyle Forumite
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    Don't forget that the service plan usually includes breakdown recovery, maybe more which makes it more attractive.
  • Bigwheels1111Bigwheels1111 Forumite
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    I would phone around, Peugeot direct years 1-5 £13.46 a month.
    Years 6-10 £14.99 a month via emac.
    The first local dealer wanted £900 for 3 years.
    Found a main dealer 20 miles away and as above its £900 for five years.
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