Bedtime routine

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Do you tuck your cats into bed, now that the nights are a bit colder? I tuck my 2 into their beds, have a wee chat with them and give them bedtime cuddles. Or am I turning into an old mad cat lady? Happy Halloween everybody. Now where did I put my broomstick ...


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    Mine are usually already asleep in their beds when I go up - most of the time, anyways. If they're not in their beds and don't want to be... Well, I'm not going to try to make them. One of them doesn't mind being covered in a blanket, the other one would run a mile. 

    Last year one really liked sleeping on the blanket I use on the sofa, and would come stare at me when she thought it was my bedtime. She might start that again, or may be content in her new spot (a furry cushion inside a box, on top of a bookcase). 

    They do get told 'night night' by both me and my partner all year round  :)
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    I made beds/mattresses out of old duvets and used my kids old cartoon character pillow cases as mattress covers. Old sofa cushion covers were turned into cat blankets. We leave the garage door open at winter for feral cats and put out food for cats + foxes. 
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    Our oldest 2 climb on the bed and sleep on me.
    Our Maine Coon will be curled up on the sofa downstairs (3 storey town house) and Our new rescue has multiple places he sleeps in (he is more nocturnal).
    As for night-time chats it's usually telling the older 2 to stop fighting.
    At some point the Maine Coon will come on the bed, cuddle and sleep between my wife and I. Our rescue has started also coming on the bed, problem is that he happily purrs like a motorcycle engine...
    May you find your sister soon Helli.
    Sleep well.
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    Dinner The WonderCat is an outdoor cat. He comes in to eat and goes out. Might stay in if it's cold overnight. Bit like a teenager!
    Now a gainfully employed bassist.
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    My two youngest cats (10 months and 11 months respectively) get shut away in the spare room overnight so that my other cat and two dogs can have free run of the rest of the house and garden (via dog flap), although at this time of year the cat tends to just curl up on the sofa next to one dog whilst the other comes up with me - they all get the choice. One of my dogs is a livestock guardian breed from Romania so he chooses the garden at night sometimes - although definitely not when it's raining :D
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