I bought a camera but due to production problems it took a while to be delivered. When it arrived no issues, then several months later there was a fault I returned it back to the retailer and they sent it of to the manufacturer.  It was returned and several months later it had a fault a different one. Again sent it back to the retailer.  I asked for either a refund or a replacement.  They said they had to send it away to get it checked out. What are my rights.  The camera cost over £200


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    Hello OP

    As they have had 1 repair attempt and there is still a problem you may now exercise the final right to reject for a refund but if you are over 6 months from delivery that refund may be reduced slightly, if the retailer wishes, to account for the use you've had (full refund if less than 6 months). 

    After 6 months it is down to you to show there is a problem if the retailer requests such but them saying they are happy to send it off to check presumably covers you for this. 

    If under 6 months it is taken there is a problem but again they can check to confirm. 

    Ideally you want to accept the process of sending it off but let them know once an issue is confirmed you'll require the refund rather than a second repair. 
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    Dsg2478 said:
    I asked for either a refund or a replacement.  
    You can ask for a replacement but they are under no obligation to provide one if a repair would be cheaper for them... as you've had one failed repair however you can now exercise your right to reject the goods for a refund but as mentioned above, it can be reduced to represent the use received. 

    They are entitled to check that the item is indeed faulty and its not user damage/error... in fact they could demand you prove it so them sending it off is at least saving your hassle of getting a report done. 
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