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Adding Plusnet email in Thunderbird fails

I have followed the information and Server settings on the Plusnet link online and, with advice from Plusnet, I updated Thunderbird and followed the verbal instructions given.  Nothing I enter is accepted.  It was working normally then, out of the blue, I couldn't send any Plusnet emails through Thunderbird although I was receiving emails normally.  I have two Plusnet email addresses, I deleted one and now 'nothing' I try for Server Settings is being accepted and I am not able to reinstall it.

I wonder if I could be missing something obvious?  Trying to add new email and following the instructions I enter:  Full name, email address, Password for that email address, Server Settings IN - Protocol IMAP, Hostname imap.plus.net, port 143 (I have tried others) Security None (I tried the other options) Auth - Normal Password (I have tried 'none')  User name:  (not my real one)  e.g. Kris@abcdef.plus.com or user name abcdef+Kris

Server Settings OUT - Hostname relay.plus.net,  Port 587,  Auth - Normal Password, Username e.g. Kris@abcdef.plus.com or user name abcdef+Kris

I have spend hours trying so many different things/variations and nothing works  - I cannot add the Plusnet email I deleted as my settings are always rejected and the Plusnet email address I did not delete receives incoming emails but I cannot reply to them and cannot send any emails using that Plusnet email address -

"Sending of the message failed.
Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server's certificate.
The configuration related to smtp.plus.net must be corrected.'

I'm at a loss to know what to try next.  The gentleman at Plusnet sent me a link which I printed and followed 'exactly'  but, unfortunately, it also failed to work.  Because I have been trying on and off all day, and this evening, I'll probably give up for today and try again tomorrow.

 I'll be really glad of any suggestions, please.


  • Neil_Jones
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    https://www.plus.net/help/email-guides/how-to-set-up-plusnet-email/ makes no mention of port 143 or even smtp.plus.net as a server. What Plusnet article have you seen?

  • [Deleted User]
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    edited 28 October 2022 at 2:00AM

    Sorry, Neil_Jones - I am not good at copying and pasting:  It might have been from the telephone call but I doubt myself.  I'm going to try your link now and will post back, thank you. 



    Incoming server



    Incoming port



    Outgoing server



    Outgoing port

    587 (recommended) or 25

    587 (recommended) or 25




    SMTP Authentication (only needed if you're sending emails from a non-Plusnet Internet connection)*


    This is copied from the email I received after helpful telephone chat with  Plusnet:

    "IMAP server(if IMAP is used): imap.plus.net

    When 'nothing' worked for me I tried the other options I could find.  I am still trying, with no success and will try again tomorrow - now today!
    IMAP server port: 143
    SMTP Outgoing mail server: relay.plus.net  
    SMTP Outgoing mail server port: 25
    SSL: Off for both incoming and outgoing"
  • [Deleted User]
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    edited 28 October 2022 at 2:42AM
    It's nearly 2.30 a.m., Neil_Jones and I have done my best to follow your link instructions rigidly but with no success.  When I enter STARTTLS  the port changes automatically to 143.  I have to give up with apologies because it's driving me round the bend.  When I try manually and "The following comes up:  ..."Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your email account."   I have tried, again, every other variation I can find on line but I'm not having any success. 

    With everything I try the most 'success' is when the little circle goes round seeming to install the email - but it never stops and I am back to square one.  It could be 'just me' or there may be something wrong with my Thunderbird - update installed yesterday on the telephone advice from Plusnet.  Until the recent problems recurred Thunderbird had been 'perfect' since Plusnet helped me in August.

    I appreciate your reply but, for now, I'm  not able to 'get it' at all.  If I can face it I'll try again tomorrow.  There is no gmail app for laptop and I can access my Plusnet emails on my Tablet with the Gmail app.  I prefer my laptop because it is bigger and is much easier for me to manage.

    Thank you again for replying and for your link.
  • flaneurs_lobster
    Can you access your Plusnet emails in a browser?  https://webmail.plus.net/
  • [Deleted User]
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    edited 28 October 2022 at 9:58AM
    I accessed Plusnet webmail with no difficulty a few days ago but I have tried just now (about five times) and 'it' won't let me in on my desktop - Login failed on both my Plusnet email addresses.  I tried logging in  using webmail as before.  On my Tablet I can log in on just one of my Plusnet email addresses (the original one) but not on the one I use less.

    Plusnet very kindly offered to help me to change my passwords yesterday but they were changed in August  when I had a similar Thunderbird problem. In August Plusnet talked me through setting up three passwords:  One for my main Plusnet email address, one for my less used Plusnet email address and one for my Plusnet Account so I have had three different Plusnet passwords working successfully since August.    Seemingly I no longer have a default mailbox.    I had been having problems with spam emails.

    Until August, and for many years since I first joined Plusnet, I only ever had one Password.  I  I'm inclined to think that the passwords are not the problem.  I wonder if the  problem is largely in Thunderbird.  Plusnet offered to help me to change my  passwords yesterday but I explained that they had been fine since Plusnet helped in August.

    Thank you for replying flaneurs_lobster.   I have never been any good with technology but have to admit that, this time, I'm struggling.  I hoped to be able to access my Plusnet emails 'normally' as before with a notification sound on my laptop when a Plusnet email arrives but I have the problem on my laptop that, when an email does arrive, I can't reply to it.  I apologize if this is longwinded - If I am rambling I'm a wee bit worn out with it now.

    I am going out now and will try again later.   Thanks again for replying.
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