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We were due to have our sideboard from Made.com delivered yesterday, but the delivery firm - Rhenus - are refusing to deliver it, due to Made's current financial situation. I've paid for the item, by credit card, and will start the charge back process - but i'm wondering on what grounds Rhenus can keep hold of the item. I imagine they are concerned they won't be paid by Made for the delivery....but the item is mine, i've paid for it, so surely they cannot use it as collateral. I've offered to collect it from them myself and they have refused.


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    Rhenus are almost certainly acting within the Terms and conditions of their contract with Made.com as courier contracts generally have a right of lien over goods in transit if a company is going or likely to go bust (they will likely be owed for all consignments over the last 30-60 days under typical credit terms).

    Your contract has not been fulfilled by made.com, so any dispute you have is with them (and potentially their administrators in due course). As their contractor have explained they are exercising their right of Lien, I would start your bank on a chargeback or S75.
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    Thanks Jonboy. I've raised what I believe is a S75 with my bank. Rhenus now say they are returning all Made.com orders to Made. Sounds mad to me, given i've offered to collect/pay for delivery. But frankly, they've been an awfully painful company to deal with and one I will definitely avoid in the future.
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