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Laundry Drying Predictions by Metcheck

I have only just discovered this today that Metcheck do a estimated laundry drying time based on the weather, wind speed, sun etc

If you google Metcheck and Laundry you will find an article about how they work it out
on the weather page if you look on the left hand side under "pages now trending" laundry drying is there.

i know as we are at that time of year that its getting rare to be able to dry laundry completely, but I thought some might find it useful as it helps to keep drying clothes outside as much as possible to save energy, even if they only get half-dry.
It tells you how long towels and t-shirts will take to dry based on the weather in your location.

I tried it out today and I got one 11kg load dried! yes!
hope it is of use to others and sorry if someone has already posted about it but i did a search and could not find anything. have a nice day (drying washing)!


  • Money_Grabber13579Money_Grabber13579 Forumite
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    Seems like a useful feature…but is it in any way reliable? Even when it is forecast to rain all day, it still tells me my towels will be dry in 4 hours!
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  • ApodemusApodemus Forumite
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    I've not used Metcheck recently, but when I used to use it as my "go-to" weather app, I eventually worked out that their predictions were based on an algorithm using weather stations that gave a west-coast bias to my location on the east coast.  Hopefully they have sorted that out now, but you would be wise to compare a couple of weather apps for local accuracy before relying on it fully.
  • Bendy_HouseBendy_House Forumite
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    If you can keep the actual rain off the clothes, it'll continue to dry outside even when rating. 

    If you have a shed, for example, put yer 'orse in there, leave the door wide open, and kick down the back wall. Your clothes will dry to a very large extent - take it inside to finish.

    I guess there will be some conditions - wet with near zero temps - that it will struggle.
  • MSE_Laura_FMSE_Laura_F Community Admin
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    This is brilliant - thanks @flowercandle🙏

    MSE Laura F
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