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MSE News: E10 petrol rolling out in Northern Ireland next week - but not all cars are compatible

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A new, greener type of unleaded petrol called E10 is being rolled out across forecourts in Northern Ireland by Tuesday 1 November, following its introduction across England, Scotland and Wales last year. But around 5% of cars, mainly older ones, aren't compatible with it, so will need to use pricier fuel. Plus, even if your vehicle can take it, you may have to fill up more often because it's less efficient.

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'New greener petrol to be introduced in Northern Ireland by 1 November – but not all vehicles are compatible and it could push up costs'

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    Is a discussion on this subject really necessary? E10 petrol has been on sale in the rest of the UK for a year now and it hasn't been the disaster everyone predicted. Also, this subject has already been done to death on this forum.
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