Problems with Meters

We are with Utilita and we have Smart Meters for both our Gas and Electricity.  When we were on holiday in September there was a power cut at home which created a 'surge back' to our electricity meter and blew out one of the batteries.  Utilita messaged me to say they needed to replace the meter.  When we came home they arranged to send an engineer to change the meter, which he did.  Then we couldn't top up either meter, so we contacted them and they said we needed a technician to re-visit to sort it out.  It was arranged for 12th October, then due to problems with technicians they changed the date to 4th November.  Since then, we have had nothing but trouble, I can't top up either meter 'online' (which I used to be able to do using the app on my phone).  I have to take the card to the shop to top it up.  When I took the new card to the shop to top up the electricity the card wouldn't work.  The in house display doesn't work, so they sent me a new one, which still doesn't work.  This is supposed to be sorted by the engineer on 4th November.  The Gas has to go on with the card, but nothing now communicates with the Gas Meter, which is at the back under the stairs.  When wre top it up at the shop, we have to bring the codes for the top up back.  I am 69 and unable to climb under the stairs to put the codes in (the only way we can top it up).  We have no idea what happened with that meter, it hasn't worked properly since the engineer came to put in the new electricity meter.  I have to rely on my son to climb under the stairs to put the gas on for me.  They sent us a new electricity card as the one the engieer gave me wouldn't work and we are still waiting for that card.  However, although the payment goes on the electricity meter when we put it on at the shop, it doesn't work with the gas and it has to be manually put on the gas meter.  We were supposed to have the engineer to sort it all out, but now I have had a text from Utilita saying they've cancelled our engineer visit.  What are we supposed to do???  We need help!!! 


  • [Deleted User]
    The gas meter (usually) only talks to the outside world by connecting through a box sitting on top of the electricity meter.  It's possible that when they replaced the electricity meter they didn't re-make this connection.
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