Skirting board issue

We recently had new skirting boards fitted, including along a wall with a radiator. One thing we didn’t really think through is that there are pieces of wood nailed onto the floorboards around the radiator pipes (see photo), so there’s now a big gap under the skirting board along most of the wall. We are a bit clueless with DIY stuff, but what we’re wondering is:
1. Is it normal to just have big bits of wood nailed on top of the floorboards? If we removed them, what options do we have for filling the gaps in the floorboards? 
2. If we’re leaving the pieces of wood there, what’s the easiest way to fix the current issue? Some kind of filler? Fixing some trim along the bottom? Cutting a chunk out of the skirting board? 
Any thoughts very welcome!


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    Whats the intended floor finish?

    If its carpet, remove the screwed down timber, deal with any holes accordingly then by the time the underlay and carpet is down it will hide the gap in the skirting board. 

    Can you unscrew the timber around the pipework and show us whats underneath?
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  • Yes, finish will be carpet. When you say ‘deal with any holes accordingly’, what are options? Will remove timber and post another pic ASAP. Thanks. 
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    Someone probably butchered the floorboards when installing the central heating pipes. The neatest fix would be to lift the damaged boards, and replace with new. A hole can be cut very neatly for the radiator pipes so you can lose those !!!!!! bits of scrap screwed to the floor. Easy DIY job especially if you have a multitool, and trivial for any decent carpenter or handyman.
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    How far above the floorboards do those bits of wood rise?

    A lot will depend on what’s underneath. Given the “fix” I suspect you’ll find fairly substantial gaps in the floorboards underneath which will make filling the holes difficult. Give us a pic and then we’ll go from there.
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    Bodes well the deckies caulk is already cracked. Big meaty gap underneath too

    Take that wood up, see what you're working with. Not sure why it's there
  • Thanks all - just had a chance to unscrew the wood now - see photos. Not a massive hole in either case but looks like the wood is there to support the pipes. Could we use expandable filler to do the same thing and then file it down? Or other ideas?
  • Photos here 
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    Best solution is to replace that floor board with new. 

    Cheaper, possibly easier solution is to fix some timber to the underside of the board for the expanding foam/filler to sit on then fill with wood filler or expanding foam up to the level of the rest of the skirting board.

    EDIT - The radiator pipework seems extremely tight to the skirting, does the radiator sit okay with it being this tight?
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    Just leave it, most people will have gaps like that around the floorboards for pipes. Won't make a blind bit of difference once it's got carpet down
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    The trickiest part about skirting boards is ensuring that you get all the measurements correct, and here is the right way to do it: When that is done correctly, you won't encounter any problems during installation.
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