I applied for an account with HSBC which was declined after submitting the application. I didn't think much of it as I don't have much credit history and applied with Metro& Lloyds both of which accepted my application providing ID checks. I submitted the ID online and received all bit such as cards etc. I set up all direct debits on Lloyds and had wages paid into it. Metro was used for day to day purchases and linked to my savings account (savings can only be credited and withdrawn through this account). This was December 2021. Fast forward to September 2022 I received a sms from Lloyds saying after a review they were going to close my account. Two days later this was followed by Metro. All my accounts have ben frozen for two months pending closure. After investigating it appears that HSBC has placed a "Victim of Impersonation marker" with CIFAS which has triggered closure of accounts. I have complained to HSBC and they have agreed to remove it once i supplied them with ID. Something that wasn't requested at application but instead a solid decline. They stated once i uploaded documents and replied to email they sent saying it wasn't a fraudulent application they would remove, Ive done this and heard nothing back since. Ive spoken to LLoyds and they say they cant do anything intil marker is removed but i cant get throught to anyone at hsbc.Tgey are not replying to emails and when i call its all internal emails and not even their own staff can get through on the phone. Im running out of days before closesure date. It has caused hell to my life. I had to cancel a holiday as i was unable to obtian money from lloyds while away. I cant pay any bills. I cant access money apart from wages but need proof of that. Car tax has cancelled now they demand full payment. The situation is awful all because of this marker that shouldnt be there. Any sugestions on if i can make a financial compensation claim for distress, loss of holiday etc.. Its taking me call after call. I am now on anti depressants because of it. They say i was impersonating myself? No ID was taken or supplied before the decline. It even states on CIFAS report they took no measures to vailidate details or information. Im on electrol roll and been at address for 3 years? Any ides  what i can do???


  • eskbanker
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    Are you sure that HSBC placed that marker relatively recently in response to an application made last year?

    I don't understand why Lloyds would freeze, never mind close, an account solely as a result of seeing a 'victim of impersonation' marker initiated by another bank?

    If it can be established that any of the organisations has failed to comply with its policies and procedures then you may have a case for compensation but presumably the focus of activity at the moment is on tidying up the mess and resorting access to accounts?

    Another thought - was all your application data to HSBC, Lloyds and Metro all consistent?  As well as CIFAS, there's another shared database, National Hunter, that deals with application fraud....
  • baxterbenson
    I challenged this with Lloyds retail risk. There reply was because it could of been the fraudster who opened account and utilising it. They said any review would result in sane design until marker removed. I’ve had a reply sconce from HSBC who said they intend to remove jr but only when the gentleman who dealing with it is back from holiday!!! In meantime I can’t access funds and running out of time before closures 
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    Perhaps an email to the HSBC CEO may help in this instance? 
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    CEO whose PA will pick it up and forward it to the same complaints team who deal with the complaint if done directly yes.

    I'm sure there will be a few people piping up with anecdotes but the CEO will 100% never see that email and has no interest in it, nor will his PA ever tell him about it, it will simply be forwarded on
  • baxterbenson
    I have emailed HSBC executive complaints. Had their “final” reply which stated the guy was on holiday and will be removed upon his return! In meantime I can’t access funds whilst he suns it up!
  • Clive_Woody
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    Try one of the financial folk in the press as they'd probably "enjoy" a story like this and may have contacts who could speed things along and get a half hearted apology from the banks.
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