Amazon refund problems after receiving wrong items

I desperately need some advice as I am having a nightmare with Amazon customer services. I ordered two iphone14 pro max phones costing £3058 from Amazon which were delivered on 28th and 29th September for my Autistic adult children. What I received was a solar power bank in each box. Each item was handed directly to us after giving a one time passcode and driver left. Each box was undamaged with a label on it giving weight of package as 0.5kg. The weight of the box with power bank inside is just 0.29 kg. This implies that something heavier was in box when weighed but swapped before packing finished. I immediately contacted Amazon to report wrong items sent. They wanted photos of powerbanks, parcels etc sent which we did. Then they asked us to return parcels which were collected on 4th October. I heard nothing so called on 11th October and was told they received package on 7th October and refund would be received in 5-7 working days. Today I rang saying it’s now been 10 days and no refund to be told they will not be refunding till earliest 11th November but it could be between 30-60 working days before refund! I was not happy about this as not what I had been promised earlier and asked to speak to manager. Manager just repeated the same and said that as a different item was returned to what I ordered it has to have deeper investigation. I asked to speak to someone higher than her and was told I could complain to head office by post only. I am now left £3058 missing trying to explain to my two autistic children that I don’t have a clue when or if we will be able to get the new phones we promised them. I need help to know what I can do from here as I have no faith that come 11th November this money will arrive! 


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    Amazon isn't going to simply refund over £3k based on a claim from a customer that the wrong item was delivered.  They are obviously going to want to investigate.  The fact that the intended recipients are autistic makes no difference to that.  You have been told that the way to escalate is to write to head office so do that.
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    Not the 1st time this 60 day timescale has cropped up here on high value goods that were not in the box.
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    I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait.  A crime has occurred and an investigation needs to be concluded before they'll take action.

    As things stand, as far as Amazon is concerned, the phones were stolen by a warehouse staff member, a delivery driver, or you.  They aren't going to send you £3k until they've ruled you out as a suspect.
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