MSE News: What's happening to mortgage rates following the mini-budget reversal – MSE's analysis



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    lmitchell said:
    Markets now pricing bank rate peak at 4.8% next year. I still think it'll be nearer 4% personally - maybe 4.25% (0.75% rise in Nov & Dec and 0.5% rise in early 23).
    It won’t really matter as much what the interest rate ends up being. The bond market is turning bearish and the BOE are about to start their bond sale on 1st November. The first lot of sales which will have more of an influence on mortgage rates than most people think. The wider world is watching what the UK does next, and it’s not going to be pretty. It also means the BOE will lack the firepower to really tackle inflation and the cycle will be perpetuated. 
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    thanks for the understanding and advice - we sat down and crunched the numbers and we did end up sticking with our current deal :)

    and apologies for being snappy, it's been a stressful month!!
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