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Cheer Leaders needed on the final stretch



  • skye_blue
    Decided to keep weekly totals of earnings to keep my spirits up = Ive seen this on other members = Wk 1

    Vinted - £8
    Ebay - £0 
    Surveys - £5.38

    Been given 8 books and bought the Tesco book of the week (£3) - Books are my happy space - Plenty to keep me going!  Tried to take a bag of books to charity shop last week - 3 shops not taking books.  I see a lot of people on here buying charity shop books - don't understand this.  Took them to the charity shop collection point at our recycling centre so they didn't go to waste.

    Going to list some more today - got the bug!

    Take care everyone

  • Merlin's_Beard
    It definitely helps .to keep a little total running of the good things you're doing. Definitely feel the same way about books although 99p kindle deals are my drug of choice at the minute.
    Start mortgage date: August 2022; Start mortgage amount: £240,999; Original mortgage free date: August 2056
    Current mortgage amount: £233.529.75
    Start student loan 2012: £29,750; current student loan: £11.400.50; OP offset fund: £750
  • skye_blue
    Well I couldn't resist, I sent £50 to mortgage today - have had a couple of low spend food shops due to how much I had in cupboards and freezer so sent it across before it disappears

    Been a bit down with the horrible weather this week so when a friend phoned to say lets go out for tea on Friday thought it might lift my mood, so im going, only tea time so shouldn't be expensive and friend is driving so thats good

    Had some more sales this week so will do an update at weekend

    Take care everyone

  • skye_blue
    Week 2 update

    Vinted - £11
    Ebay - £12
    Surveys - £6.60

    It all adds up - going to list some more today

    The £50 mortgage over payment had £1.45 charge - OK with that - not going to pay big chunks but Im thinking thats not too bad as it keeps ticking over and I still its going to be less than the new rate next year

    Mortgage stands at £53,986.03 (broke the £54,000 barrier)

    Take care everyone

  • skye_blue
    Week 3 update

    Just £5 vinted this week been full of a cold so early nights and nothing else, didn't feel like doing surveys or any listings

    I did send £52 to mortgage - so should be about £50 reduction

    Take care everyone

  • skye_blue
    Mortgage stands at £53,935.53 after last payment

    Received letter to say going on to 5.5% after 2 January 2023 (now 1.69)

    Think even after 3% ERC added still less than new rate, so decided to throw everything at it before 2nd Jan.   Hate making these decisions on m own sometime but I think this is the right approach.  Will have less left from salary to overpay once the payment goes up so guess this makes sense 

    Take care everyone
  • skye_blue
    skye_blue Posts: 301 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper First Post
    Having a bad week but I'll get through it

    Ebay parcel being returned - damaged - Ive asked for it back, there's a charity near me that fixes things and sells - needed to pay for label & will have to refund - will defo be a loss

    Vinted - took a xmas decoration down off the site but there are loads on there - dont know why they picked on mine

    Sick of waiting for couriers that don't turn up on the booked day

    Xmas party cancelled due to illness with a lot of staff

    Then family member concern today - can't discuss but was the final straw and its not over yet

    Need to take it all on the chin, but some weeks its just too much
  • skye_blue
    Sent £100 to mortgage today - being careful as still some xmas stuff to buy - nothing major just few bits
  • DrCarrie
    DrCarrie Posts: 889 Forumite
    First Anniversary Debt-free and Proud! Photogenic First Post
    Good going, well done!
    3 month emergency fund (Cash ISA): £2902 / £6,000
    Tart up the house and garden (Monzo pot): £952
    Overpayment on mortgage: £0
    Stocks and shares ISA: £1075.53
    Additional pension contributions: £0
    Premium bonds: £1,450

    Career and private practice development: £3,050 spent

    Big home renovation - is in the pipeline. £0
  • skye_blue
    Have withdrawn my payments from vinted and added to weekly mortgage overpayment £130 sent
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