Car Insurance When Not At Home Overnight?

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My friend's car has off road, when at home car insurance.

How will the following, away from home overnight parking scenarios effect, or not effect  the insurance?

Off road.

On road.

Private car park.

Public car park, close by.

Public car park, not directly adjacent  to where they stay overnight.

Many thanks for all replies.


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    It depends on how often they are parking in these scenarios. The odd night parked in any of them will not affect their cover, but if they are parking 'usually' in any of them, then they could find that their insurance company might refuse any claims. 'Usually' means "more often than not", so parking in a car park for more than three nights a week might lead to any (parking-related) claim being refused. 
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    As above, in most cases it will make no difference. You are asked when you take out a policy where the car is usually parked overnight. So long as it is usually parked there there will be no issue. You are allowed to use your car to go away from home occasionally - there wouldn't be much point having it otherwise. Only if your car was rarely or never parked where you said you were going to park it would you run into trouble.

    There can be an exception to this if the insurer writes a specific term into your policy. Sometime if you tell them that you usually park in a garage at home they will add a term along the lines of "we will not cover theft that occurs between the hours of midnight and 5am within 300m of your home, unless the car is stored in a locked garage". (Essentially saying that if you have to use your garage while at home, like you said you were going to). If your friend does have a term like that it should be shown prominently in his policy schedule. 
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